web host serverGood webhosting companies are there. You just need to know how to locate one. You also need to locate one that works for you. Just because a webhosting service worked for your friend, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Below are some tips that I have found from reviewing the best web hosting companies.

1) Find something that is local. Going outside of your area might seem attractive, especially when it comes to the extras that are included. I encourage you to look at what is nearby. Talk to one of the girls down the street. Find out whom she uses. Chances are big that if she has the same setup you do, her service provider will work in your favor too. Don’t take my word for it either. Do your own investigation.

2) Don’t sell yourself on the extra alone. Many customers fall prey this common ploy too. The company will sell you on the extras, in hopes this will be the swing vote that sways you. Customers will be taken in and sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, they don’t half of what they are paying for. All I am saying is, don’t get taken in by the bonuses the company offers. This is strictly a marketing tool the company uses. I’m not saying the bonuses aren’t good to have. Sometimes, though, the company will ask you to pay more then what they are worth.

3) Go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. Know exactly what you are getting. If something doesn’t feel right on the contract, ask them. This is where these companies make their money, webhosting is not any different.

4) Always read the reviews, even the bad ones. The bad ones may tell you more than the good ones do. The bad ones will not sugarcoat anything. They will also bring up points that others are afraid to talk about. It’s only natural that companies want to seek out good reviews. All I am saying is pay attention to what the bad ones are saying. Weight both equally. Do this for each company you are looking into.

5) If a company quotes you a price over the phone, don’t take them at their word. Even webhosting companies had a tendency to do the “bait and switch.” Always get the price in writing and up front. Once you get price over the phone, go in personally, and talk to them. Find out if the price is correct. If it isn’t, ask them why you were quoted the wrong price. Sometimes when you grill them, the truth comes out.

music6) Make sure you are getting unlimited space and bandwidth. Companies will lie about this. You are not always getting the advertised “unlimited space or bandwidth.” They lie so they can make a profit. Only go with a company is being honest with you.

There are so many things to look into with webhosting. When it comes to the honesty thing, you aren’t going to get 100%. If you get at least 90% honesty with your contract and service, you are heading in the right direction. For more information on this, do a keyword search.